Travel Inspiration: Let's Be Adventurers

August 4, 2011

"Well, girls, life is an adventure." That's what my dad would say to my sister and me every time we moved to a new town (and I went to a different high school every year, if that gives you any idea of how many times I heard this particular phrase growing up.)

And true to my gypsy form, I'm now off on a quick jaunt down to Philadelphia for a little r&r (whilst catching up with my fabulously stylish sister and her sweet, brilliant son) and couldn't be more elated. I haven't packed my suitcase since June and have been suffering from acute wanderlust withdrawal. So this sweet poster from Fifi du Vie is exactly the type of travel inspiration I need to kickstart the trip and remind me how I became a vagabond in the first place.

Hope all you gypsies out there can get away this weekend, too!

(By the way, oh, hello friend is offering a 50% coupon code on her blog for this fab poster!)


  1. Hi Jessica! I understand now why you have such a gypsy soul... Well, I hope you will be back in Argentina soon!

    All the best from Buenos Aires.


  2. I used to love going to Philadelphia for the weekend , the museums, the food and I loved the drive from NYC to Pa :)

    It is cold and sunny today in BA ... Thank you so much for your comments on my blog, besos !

  3. Have fun!! Show pics when you are back :)

  4. hi sweets!!

    love this quote! very inspiring... have fun on your vacay :)

    xoxo, aimee

    diy blog: swellmayde

  5. i can admire the gypsy spirit. i LOVE change, i couldnt wait to move somewhere new after college and experience a new place!


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