DIY: Beer Bottle Cap Table

This post isn't my typical style; however, I had to share since my crafty husband just completed a fantastic project for our place. We've been collecting bottle caps for what seems like forever (um, about 8 years to be exact). What started as a fun way to chronicle our love of microbrews grew into a massive collection of caps from all over the world (although I admit there's quite a number of PBR's in there!).

This mosaic-style bottle cap table has a hard, poured resin surface-- very pub-like.

Bottle Cap Table with Poured Resin Surface - More DIY How To Projects

Gypsy Travel Obsession + Airport Style

I've been thinking. I don't like my Northface luggage anymore.

Sure, she's rugged, tough and red. She managed herself ok on the hostel circuit. I didn't worry about her and the grimey-fingered airport baggage handlers. Yep, that was me dragging her up the escalators with a force that belies my 5'1 frame. And when we finally got home, she wasn't hurt when I irreverently tossed her in the basement paying no heed to our past travels together.

But isn't it time for a long-term relationship? Yes...I'm ready to invest in the real thing. I want to coo at my luggage and find a permanent spot for her in my life. She could just hang out in the living room with me while I watch True Blood.

Ok, considering my budget will always be more gypsy backpacker and less haute traveler, I need to manage my expectations. I seriously don't think I could roll through the typical Asian bus station with Louis in tow.

But if it was good enough for the Wes Anderson boys....then just maybe....

Tican Sodas + Nada Mas

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home." ~ James Michener

Spur of the moment trip to Costa Rica & Panama this weekend.

(much needed.)

Looking forward to sodas, surf lessons and shabby chic cabinas.

Photos above from Flickr. Photo 1: QualityVintage66 Photo 2:dvaires Photo 3:Sebastien Chorney
Photo 4: QualityVintage66 Photo 5: QualityVintage66 Photo 6: Pedro Guaro Photo 7: Chobacabra Photo 8: SimpleTraveler