Global Industrial + Restoration Hardware Catalog Fall '11

Wowza. I don't normally post entries like this but couldn't resist with this sheer overload to my senses. Restoration Hardware just released their largest-ever publication featuring not only their latest decor collection, but also- cue the drum roll, please - "journalistic articles." (They called those "magalogs" back in my publishing days.) 

Supposedly there's a whopping 616 pages of RH goodness. Sounds both enticing and overwhelming. Nonetheless, I dove into the first few pages and found one of (my aforementioned) favorite global styling pieces: birdcages! This time with giant, gorgeous industrial-looking chandeliers inside. Aren't they lovely?? Okay, maybe not totally classified as "global home decor," but still intriguing, unique + absolutely drool-worthy.

Not a birdcage in sight, but RH really knows how to appeal to the francophile, hmmm?

Inspiration galore at Restoration Hardware.

{Global DIY} Beni Ourain Rug + Inspiration

Why is it that my dollars don't stretch far enough for me to actually buy something as luxe and iconic as a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug? With every appearance of these hand knotted, wool beauties in design mags (both print and online), they've seem to go up exponentially in price. In fact, I've channeled my inner child, thrown my hands up over my eyes, and pretty much learned to ignore these rugs completely.

Nope, there's no way a $4,000 rug is gracing my floor...


...however mouthwateringly perfect they look paired with a suzani and oversized lantern.


Yep, they're subtle and exotic, adding just a hint of a global mood to whatever type of room you have. (And, yes, that's Eva Peron on the still my Argentine heart.)

...but I still can't justify the price. Unless someone with mad DIY skills can teach me how to recreate one, of course.

And since the talented Danika Herrick from Gorgeous Shiny Things posted her Beni tutorial, I've been a happy camper. Danika took simple ingredients-- an old shag rug, Black RIT dye, an empty spray bottle and IKEA cutting boards-- to create the stunningly simple criss-cross design of these iconic Moroccan rugs. Isn't the result lovely?

*From Gorgeous Shiny Things
The Beni Ouarain are actually a group of seventeen Berber tribes in the mountains of Morocco. And the rugs that bear their name are characterized by simple, borderless design woven exclusively with an ivory background and natural, un-dyed dark brown sheep wool on an abstract geometric motif.

I love that these rugs can be as traditional...

...or electic as your whim carries you.

Do you guys love these as much as all the stylists do? Sadly, I won't be buying one of these bad boys anytime soon, but definitely want to try my hand at Danika's tutorial. Wouldn't it be a great DIY as a simple throw rug? 

Psst...For more comprehensive details on the Beni Ourain tribe and weaving tradition, check out this great entry by

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{Travel Inspiration} Let's Be Adventurers

"Well, girls, life is an adventure." That's what my dad would say to my sister and me every time we moved to a new town (and I went to a different high school every year, if that gives you any idea of how many times I heard this particular phrase growing up.)

And true to my gypsy form, I'm now off on a quick jaunt down to Philadelphia for a little r&r (whilst catching up with my fabulously stylish sister and her sweet, brilliant son) and couldn't be more elated. I haven't packed my suitcase since June and have been suffering from acute wanderlust withdrawal. So this sweet poster from Fifi du Vie is exactly the type of travel inspiration I need to kickstart the trip and remind me how I became a vagabond in the first place.

Hope all you gypsies out there can get away this weekend, too!

(By the way, oh, hello friend is offering a 50% coupon code on her blog for this fab poster!)