Global Styling: Bedside Buddha + Beautiful Bedrooms

On my first trip to Asia I visited Wat Po, the temple housing Bangkok's giant, golden reclining Buddha statue. The site is considered so holy, so special that the management required me to buy socks for my flip-flops before I could enter the premises. Evidently my toes weren't respectful enough. Or my shoulders: They actually had thrift-store like bins in the temple foyer filled with blouses for me to cover up my (already rather modest) tank top.

But despite my rather goofy appearance (and subsequent travel photos), I wasn't deterred from being in complete awe of such a peaceful looking teacher. Every time I see the likeness of Buddha I smile. Be it the jolly, fat-bellied or zen-like androgenous version, I adore little touches of Buddha in a room. Not overboard, mind you. Just enough to keep the stress levels low. 

So on my quest for a more zen-like approach to living, I couldn't help but be inspired by these bedrooms.....

And who doesn't need a little more zen in their bedroom?

Betsy Burnham  bedroom

Ok, yes, these are not technically the Buddha, but placed alongside this pagoda lamp, they certainly evoke a peaceful, Asian charm.

Whether cool and serene or tongue-in-cheek, a little Buddha really charges up the east-meets-west decor.

color combos - orange

Not a Buddha in sight, but these silhouettes still lend an incredible touch of Asia to a bedside table.

The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger asian bedroom

I adore this modern take on the pagoda lamp and baby Buddha paired with the more traditional panels.

City Zen Space asian bedroom

I count five Buddha's in the bedroom above. A bit overload for my personal taste: Perhaps atoning for something in a past life? (Shall we assume that if Jim Morrison is hanging over the bed that this person is perhaps atoning for something in this life?) What do you think-- too many Buddhas or just right?

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{Inspiration} Maybe You Can Tell Me Why I'm Prone To Wander

I'm such a vagrant these days. After returning to Buenos Aires from Patagonia on Monday, we moved into *yet another* temporary place. Round three of packing and shuffling around the city. I'm just about ready to thrash my suitcase, renounce my travel bug and settle in somewhere. But then this song comes up in my mix and I'm reminded of why I'm prone to wander.

Anyone else feel like a gypsy to the bone?

{On the Road} Malbec Mecca + Mendoza, Argentina

We're on the road...again! This time we're heading off to Mendoza, Argentina before making our way south to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. And to make it all the more of a crazy adventure, we're driving the entire 1,500 miles in this Volkswagen van. Yep, this very one! Pretty fun, right?

So we're praying for nicely paved roads, healthy axles, lubed engines and all that. This trip could get very, very long with any extra stops thrown in.

But Mendoza is our kick-off point and it's definitely a *must visit* for Argentina. Aside from being the malbec mecca of the world, there's great views, hiking and hot springs. Which happens to be my agenda, in that order. 

I'm not a huge wine buff - yet- so I'm looking forward to a slew of vineyard tours to get my tasting skills up to an appropriate level. Mind you, I'm the girl who doesn't mind a little bit of ice and seltzer mixed in with my red. (Which, coincidentally, is how a lot of Argentines drink their wine. So don't turn your nose up at me just yet!)

But aside from all the malbec and cabarnet I'm sure to sample, Mendoza is known for its olive oil production! YUM. I literally cannot wait to spend a leisurely afternoon with plates of olive oil and artisanal bread.

I'll try to get some posts going from the road. But if not, know that I'll be checking on all of YOUR blogs during my down time (since I'm bit of an addict these days!). 

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Global Styling: Birdcages in Decor

I abhor birds. More accurately, I abhor anything that was birthed out of an egg. I think it´s because I used to live in NYC and I´d occasionally have to do a little sidestep on my morning commute to avoid a mangled pigeon on the sidewalk. Also, when I was 6, I was under the giant pine in our Wisconsin backyard and for some reason I looked straight up into the branches and got shit in my eye. That was also my first run-in with eye drops, which I also hate. (Thank you for this moment of therapy, I promise I have a point.)

Ever since the Mercado de Pulgas I´ve been thinking about what I could do with all those lovely birdcages (sans birds, of course). How do you keep the birdcage looking visually rich and globally-inspired rather than shabby-chic meets suburbia?

I prefer the shock of unexpected elements to a room. The more grandiose, the better. I love how the scale of this oversized birdcage forces me to pay attention to the lines of what is essentially mini-architecture.

I love the idea of a collection of birdcages. A large group that´s big enough to make a visual statement, create symmetry and draw your eye into new lines and shapes.

The combination of these very rigid and straight Chinese chests alongside the voluptuous lines of antique birdcages is brilliant. With the addition of a few colorful throw pillows, I would say this room is pretty close to perfection.

Again, a collection of antique birdcages in a cluster like this add warmth to what could have easily become a space too clean and perfect.

And, of course, you know I would love any type of birdcage that reminds me of Mughal architecture or the Taj Mahal. This one (above) comes from a hotel in Morocco.

Its amazing how a simple vignette suddenly feels exotic with the right looking birdcage.

I'm still not sure why birds on the loose freak me out, but this photo of birdcages in a city park (in Guangdong, China) makes me smile every time. Take note, New York.

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