On the road...

Photo: Sven Scheuermeir

Taking some time off to travel, be a mom, and practice graceful living.

Be back soon. 


DIY: Cheap & Easy Oversized Magnetic Frame from Sheet Metal

This project might be my proudest DIY moment ever! I made this custom frame measuring nearly four feet tall (3'x4' to be exact) and it cost me $0 in supplies. It would be a fantastic backdrop for any type of print -- family portrait, maybe? colorful art project? -- and it's absolutely perfect for my black and white engineer print of an incredibly special travel photo of mine.

15 FREE Travel-Inspired Printables for Your Gallery Wall or Office

Hola Gypsies! I'm so excited for what's next in 2015. We bought a new place that's been a steady source of project inspiration (more DIY and global-inspired home decor ideas to come!) and we're saving our pennies for a few big trips later in the year. I typically get a little stir-crazy in the winter (don't we all??) and thought it'd be fun to add a typographic, travel-inspired print to my evolving gallery wall. Here are 15 (no, wait, actually 16!) gorgeous, FREE printables I've rounded up:

Global Inspired Cocktail: La Casa Rosada Kahlúa Recipe

Happy Kahlúa Day! Ok, today is arguably not as famous as Cinco de Mayo, aka National Margarita Day. And unfortunately no parades are planned, nor is the President (at least, the U.S. President) making a speech. But regardless, this chica will be celebrating her inner latina tonight with a special concoction.