Light My Way + Moroccan Lantern Decor

When I was a kid, I would watch I Dream of Jeannie re-runs in the summer just for the short, 10-second glimpses of Jeannie's magic lantern living room. Hot pink cushions, purple sheers and bejeweled urns littered her modern genie pad and I was smitten. It's been at least 15 years since I have seen an episode, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming up some lantern living spaces of my own.

Oversized, punched-metal Moroccan lanterns are unequivocal statement pieces in any room. I love how a lantern was added to this somewhat traditional/country British kitchen by Richard Smith.

I'm liking this modern globe-shaped lantern above a tiny, traditional tea tray.

living etc.

Pretty much every room in Ellen Pompeo's home is brilliant.

elle decor 

Paired with a mix of ikat throw pillows and a traditional Moroccan wedding coverlet on the wall. BTW, I highly suggest window shopping the selection of Moroccan goodies on My Marrakesh.

 via decor8

Rustic and paired with one of the peacock mirrors that keeps popping up on the market.


Gypsy Spotlight: Lantern Moon Hancrafted Products

A few years back I had the opportunity to meet Sharon Woodcock, founder of Lantern Moon, at the Yarn Market News Conference. Lantern Moon works with local artisans from throughout Asia to create beautiful and functional handcrafted products for the needlearts market. I’ve always been a fan of their coconut palm knitting needles, but only recently noticed their gorgeous collection of home decor products...

Lotus tea light holders from Thailand

Reproduction wire market baskets

 These would be perfect for a store display filled with balls of yarn, rolled posters or plush towels. Now I just need to find a reason to have one in my home!

Cambodian twisted silk scarves. Gorgeous simply hung from one of Lantern Moon’s bamboo hangers.

Victorian reproduction plant stand in bamboo

Classic Vietnamese rice baskets 

Bali "Handuk" Clutches & Bags

What I love most about Lantern Moon is their dedication to fair wages, economic development and community in countries where cheap labor often gets abused by importers.  Most of Lantern Moon’s products originate in Vietnam, a country made famous for its rich history in handicrafts like bamboo-weaving and embroidery. The Vietnamese government has recognized about 1500 handicraft villages throughout the country as a way to maintain Vietnam’s craft-centric heritage.

An example of traditional Vietnamese embroidered painting courtesy of Lantern Moon.