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Need a little luck this afternoon. Perhaps I should find a magic feather?

Image Credits: 1. Vogue China via Asian Models; 2. via Table Tonic;  3. via Bijou and Boheme

India Rising: Anthropologie May ´11 Catalog

India is intense, amplified and shocking. The people are earnest and beautiful. The situations you find yourself in are all-too-often silly and unbelievable. And if I could live in one place for the rest of my life, it would be there. Between my husband and I we´ve traveled to India and back again nearly 10 times.

I adore anything that mentally takes me back there. And so I´ve been slightly obsessed with the new May Anthropologie catalog. Oh wow. I thought April in Cartagena was lovely. But this is just beyond beautiful. If these photos don´t make you immediately start saving up for a round-trip ticket to New Delhi, I don´t know what will...

{On the Road} Global Finds in a Buenos Aires Flea Market

Remember that episode of Man Shops Globe where Keith Johnson spies loads of "fanciful" garden chairs at a flea market in Buenos Aires? Well last week I *finally* took my inaugural trip to the very same El Mercado de las Pulgas (literally, "Market of the Fleas"). I say inaugural, because I'll definitely be going back. Probably a few times. With more money, of course.

Most tourists simply visit BA's more-famous weekend market in San Telmo. Which is a fun market if you're in BA for a quick trip and want to see a few curios mixed in with local hippies, tango dancers and accordion players. But not if you really, really want to shop. Like moi. And Keith Johnson evidently. Great minds and all that...
From American Gypsy Living
The Mercado de Pulgas skirts the edge of Palermo Hollywood, one of the trendier parts of BA. So naturally I wasn't expecting any crazy-low bargains. But this was my first Argentine flea market. A "true" flea market with furniture and lighting and junk (mostly junk).

Good thing Argentines are late sleepers, too. When I lazily showed up with my coffee at 11am on a Wednesday, only about 1/4 of the vendors were open.

No matter, though. I literally  have a visceral response to large, barn-like, warehouse structures lined with vendors selling junk. My heart rate speeds up, I get twitchy, my pupils dilate.

Because how lovely are these birdcages?
From American Gypsy Living
There were birdcages everywhere! And this giant one was my absolute fave. Check out how small the chair looks next to it. The rusting, red-topped pagoda-style bird cage (below) was a beauty, too. Can you see her? She's hidden in there alongside loads and loads of wrought iron. Yep, Argentina has cornered the market on rusting iron. I can see why Keith Johnson's garden chairs seem to stand out. They´re creeping out of every treasure pile.
From American Gypsy Living
From American Gypsy Living

From American Gypsy Living
I would love to ship home those antique Argentine gasoline pumps (above). I don't know what for. If I could buy all the random things I've ever wanted, I'd have a living room to rival Ricky Stratton's in Silver Spoons.

From American Gypsy Living
And bolts and bolts of fabric! The majority of this bunch were upholstery quality which always gets my DIY wheels rolling. By the way, $10ARG pesos equals about $2.50USD a meter. Not too shabby!
From American Gypsy Living
The absolute jaw-dropper of the market was this beauty - an antique Italian red-glass chandelier with black prisms. I'm fairly sure these are called Murano chandeliers and are made by Venetian glassblowers, but feel free to chime in if I'm wrong.  I was so busy gawking, I forgot to even ask for the price. Next visit....
From American Gypsy Living
Now for things more in my price range. I was really considering walking away with this entire rack of vintage bottles. Something about the red and blue labels on dusky green glass was so charming.
From American Gypsy Living
I really have no idea what a small tub like this is used for? Anyone have a clue? I've seen plenty of bidets here, but this is a new one.
From American Gypsy Living
And rows and rows of gloriously random stalls....
From American Gypsy Living
From American Gypsy Living
From American Gypsy Living
Shopping Tip: Yes, you can bargain here. Although be forewarned that if you have an accent in your Spanish, you'll most likely be getting the gringo rate. If you're a serious shopper (i.e. you're shipping home a container's worth of goods) it's probably worthwhile to hire a personal shopper.
From American Gypsy Living
So I wasn't able to afford the Murano chandelier. But I found the perfect post-mercado refuel. A traditional Argentine snack: Coffee with medialunas (Argentina's amazingly delicious version of croissants). $15ARG pesos = $3.75! Yummy. (There's lots and lots of fabulous cafes within walking distance to the market. Check out Design*Sponge's review of BA's shopping for more local shopping, too!.)
From American Gypsy Living
El Mercado de las Pulgas
Days: Tuesday - Sunday
Time: "All Day" (On weekdays, probably not worth showing up earlier than 11am)
Expect to Find:
On weekdays: Vintage lighting, artwork and furniture
On weekends: Vintage lighting, artwork, furniture and miscellaneous odds and ends.

Corner of Avenida Dorrego & Niceto Vega
Bus: 108 (There's plenty of other bus lines that go to this area, I took the 108 and told the driver I was going to the flea market.)

{Photos} My Gypsy Heart...

Brass lanterns, shades of ice blue and black, leopard print and suzani pillows. Some global-inspiration for your morning...

BTW: I finally got around to checking out The Foundary, the new home decor event-shopping site along the same vein as One King's Lane. It's still feels like a new shop (could use a bit more inventory, but I'm sure that's coming) yet the quality and pricing of the sales are fantastic. Today's event is for Lodge cast iron products, which is pretty much best-of-the-best for kitchenware in my book.   

Image Credits: 1- via The Style Files; 2- Katie Leede via Bromeliad, 3- via Bromeliad

{Global Styling} Global Living Rooms & Oh-So-Low Coffee Tables

I love oh-so-low coffee tables. They seem to say, "I don't need your conventional living room, you bourgeois decorator." 

Parker Palm Springs eclectic
They're so bedouin chic, no?
Of course, slightly difficult when mischievous pets and toddlers are involved.

Low tables are the perfect mate to overstuffed floor pillows. And what's more global-boho than colorfully mismatched floor pillows on the floor?

Like many couples, we didn't have a "proper" dining set when we first moved in together, so we made do with dinner on our hand-me-down Ikea coffee table. That was about as exotic as our newlywed life in Lexington, Kentucky got in those days. If I would have sewn fun cushions (like the ones below) I wouldn't have been so anxious for a grown-up table. 

These rooms (below) are a bit too monochrome for my tastes, but I still have to give them credit for fantastic couplings of low tables and beautiful sofas. Aren't they simply begging for a half-dozen fuchsia pillows? I think so. Just saying.

living room  living room

shabby boho-chic eclectic living room

Forget mint tea! Who's up for a pink caftan and a mimosa?

Photos: 1- Jonathan Adler; 2- via The City Sage; 3- via Selina Lake; 4-via Ethnic Home Decor Store; 5- via Little Blue Deer; 6- Le Souk Shop via Apartment Therapy; 7- via Houzz; 8- via Elements of Style; 9- via The City Sage, 10- via Houzz; 11- via HGTV. Click on photos from Houzz to see more credits.

Inspire: I Would Stay And Love You

“Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’” – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

By the way, have you read anything by Lisa St. Aubin de Teran? A traveler with a penchant for buying up old properties, she's absolutely guaranteed to feed your wanderlust and leave you dreaming up adventure. Start with The Hacienda: A Memoir, the story of her first marriage (at age 17!) to a Venezuelan "don" of a sugarcane and avocado plantation. Signs of his mental illness begin to show up after their wedding day and she actually has to smuggle herself and daughter out of the country. Ok, that part of the book is a little insane. Still, it's hard not to get lost in her beautiful prose and admire the strength of someone moving across an ocean at such a young age to pursue her love of travel.

Photo Credits: 1-Vogue via Dust Jacket Attic; 2 & 4-via Cherry Blossom Girl; 3 & 5-Natasha via Everything Fabulous; 6- via Everything Fabulous

{Photos} My Gypsy Heart...

Love {so very much} when gold, fuchsia and black looks as good as this.....

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Maryam Montague via Decor8
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