Global Decor Inspiration: Arabian Nights with Rue Magazine

July 31, 2011

All my obsessing about floor cushions and boho charm made me so very happy to stumble upon this Arabian Nights editorial in the latest Rue Magazine. Beautiful, serene and slightly mysterious...

Don't you love the mix of natural tones, gold and pink? Let out a big, dreamy *sigh* with me now...

See more lovely images from the Rue Magazine spread HERE.


  1. This is amazing!

  2. agree! the whole issue of rue is pretty darn fabulous this time around. i think i printed out half the editorial for my new inspo board!

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Jessica! Thank you very much for joining my new blog "Vintage Sensations from Buenos Aires" (you are the first one!). I was delighted to read that you love BA. The gallery you visited on Santa Fe Avenue is called "5° Avenida", and, as you said, it´s full of little vintage stores. They are not that fab, I know, but if you go with patience you can find interesting things. I adored your blog... You have wonderful taste.

    xoxo, Mariana


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