Global Style Inspiration: Industrial Vibes in the Restoration Hardware Catalog Fall '11

August 20, 2011

Wowza. I don't normally post entries like this but couldn't resist with this sheer overload to my senses. Restoration Hardware just released their largest-ever publication featuring not only their latest decor collection, but also- cue the drum roll, please - "journalistic articles." (They called those "magalogs" back in my publishing days.) 

Supposedly there's a whopping 616 pages of RH goodness. Sounds both enticing and overwhelming. Nonetheless, I dove into the first few pages and found one of (my aforementioned) favorite global styling pieces: birdcages! This time with giant, gorgeous industrial-looking chandeliers inside. Aren't they lovely?? Okay, maybe not totally classified as "global home decor," but still intriguing, unique + absolutely drool-worthy.

Not a birdcage in sight, but RH really knows how to appeal to the francophile, hmmm?

Inspiration galore at Restoration Hardware.


  1. hey gypsy mama. i LOVE these pics! great find! that couch, oh em gee

  2. oooo!! thank you for posting! the cage chandeliers are so beautiful!! the whole room is so chic and elegant! love it!

    xoxo, aimee
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