Yellow Cab, Gypsy Cab, Dollar Cab,, I'm not back yet

Ok, I lied. I was intending to post more, but then we found (and moved into) a sunny, little place in Harlem! I'm so excited to be back in Manhattan. Aside from the bangin' garbage collection-party happening outside my window at 4:15 am this morning, I've fallen in love with my new neighborhood. Two crazy, possibly-homeless guys even hit on me this week. Ah, there's nothing like Manhattan for a girls' self esteem.

Also, I'm just super relieved that I don't have to scour Craigslist on a minute by minute basis looking for a new pad. If you're a New Yorker out there you know what I'm talking about here.

More to come soon! Ciao, depressing commute!

Image source: via kristy on Pinterest

{Photos} Boho Kaleidoscope: Greens, Pinks & Blues

Hello again, hello.

So I finally had some momentum when - SMACK - life threw me a bagful of reality check. Ever happen to you??

And like so many other freelancers out there, I've had to brush off my suit and return to the 9-5 life.

Good morning, 2-hour commute!

Now that the transition is finally happening, I'll have my routine/sanity back soon. In the meantime, am I the only girl out there sad to say adios to summertime? I'm still pinning all the globally-inspired greens, pinks and blues I can find in an effort to keep the sunshine on my skin!




Sources: 1. Anthropologie; 2. Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick via Houzz; 3. Little Blue Deer; 4. ABC Home & Carpet; 5. Domino; 6. Elle Decor