Make This! DIY Metal Frame

DIY Metal Frame for Engineer Prints - Super quick and easy DIY. Cost $0 in supplies

This project might be my proudest DIY moment ever! I made this custom frame measuring nearly four feet tall and it cost me $0 in supplies. Clean, minimal, and with an industrial vibe, it's absolutely perfect for my black and white engineer print of an incredibly special travel photo.

15 FREE Travel-Inspired Printables for Your Gallery Wall or Office

We bought a new place that's been a steady source of project inspiration (more DIY and global-inspired home decor ideas to come!) and we're saving our pennies for a few big trips later in the year. I typically get a little stir-crazy in the winter (don't we all??) and thought it'd be fun to add a typographic, travel-inspired print to my evolving gallery wall. Here are 15 (no, wait, actually 16!) gorgeous, FREE printables I've rounded up: