Global Decor Inspiration: Floor Cushions + Boho Charm

July 25, 2011

She's a maniac, maniac on the..... Floor cushions aren't simply for hookah dens and rec rooms, my friends. They're chic, stylish and one of the most budget-friendly options out there when adding a touch of nomad flair to your pad.

Lack of furniture shouldn't stop anyone from having a fab space to relax, nest and entertain. That's what makes floor pillows so fantastically perfect for those of us prone to the jetsetter lifestyle. Don't have the space or dough for that blue velvet sofa? Not a worry! Simply channel your inner Bohemian and swipe some shams for the living room carpet.

Global decor can be as capricious or perfectly reasonable as your personal style leads you. And floor cushions are a quick fix to your/my ever-changing interior design whims.  

Every time I see this photo (above) I remember lounging at a rooftop cafe in Pushkar, India. Really, it wasn't anywhere near as clean as this, and I think you could actually order hashish off the bar menu. But despite the quasi ick-factor at the cafe, nothing beats relaxing on cushy pillows to take in a summer pink sunset.


The pillows themselves can go from informal to luxe, depending on the fabric quality, size and shape. And- of course- they certainly cost a fraction of an armchair's price.  

Or they may not. Here's Jean Paul Gaultier's beautiful couture furniture line that stared at me from every Roche Bobois window in Buenos Aires. A bit slick for my taste, but it's certainly the antithesis of rec room decor.

It took some time to sell myself on the floor cushion idea. I've always preferred the pouf and ottoman look, which sits up a bit higher and can be used as additional table space. But clearly floor cushions can play the polished part, as well.

For apartment dwellers (like myself) floor space is always limited. While the pillows are not in use, artfully stash under a table or on your bed as temporary euro-sized shams.

I've come to the hard realization that while I'm traveling and living out of a suitcase, I need to choose pieces that can squish into a Space Bag. Also, when prowling through markets and shops, keep an eye out for just the floor pillow covers. Purchase pillow inserts separately which are easily found anywhere at home, making the covers a wonderfully transportable piece.

Where to buy? I love Home Goods and World Market for pillows easy on the pocketbook. For those with a bit more spending cash, I just stumbled across these beauties from Jayson Home & Garden and Tulu Textiles. Love them!!


Hope you enjoyed the floor cushion round-up! If you know of any other resources for global-inspired pillows, please post me a comment.

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  1. I do! I do like this round-up! Some swell inspiration.

  2. Wonderful images. Thank you so much for visiting and entering my Giveaway!

    I adore pillows of every kind!

    Art by Karena

  3. uau que lindo seu blog adorei.

  4. Wow! Inspiring collection here! I have a thing for floor pillows too-- casual, comfortable, and as you've shown--so stylish!

  5. Fantastic images ! I want everything I see ..

  6. Gorgeous. Makes me feel not so bad for having too many cushions, floor and otherwise.


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