Global Style Inspiration: The Kuna of Panama and Colombia, Pt. 2

March 23, 2011

I'm still on my Kuna kick. These women are color geniuses and I absolutely LOVE their bold splashes of green, red and blue. It's like they're a living Franz Kline print. They make me want to burn anything beige in my wardrobe. 

The Kuna women are so beautiful. So talented. So bold. Could I possibly rework my apartment into something like this??

Or this.....

And here's my somewhat new Kuna bracelet! Made by the Kuna and featuring a rather unique condor design. Me encanta!

Photo Credits: BigEastern Blogs, Domino & Anthropologie*
* i think! sorry about this one.


  1. Loving your blog!!! I am so in love with all of your images and have mentioned you in my blog when I've borrowed a photo or two!! Very beautiful images and content.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! This blog has been a long, unfaithful journey for me. But no more! ;) Looking forward to diving into LilyG! xoxojess


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