Buenos Aires: Here We Come!

March 20, 2011

We're now officially living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a little section of the city called Recoleta. On a whole, Buenos Aires is lovely and charming. But Recoleta. WOW. It's so unbelievably gorgeous and I'm a bit sheepish to admit that we even live here. It's quite posh for the likes of us. But I'm not complaining. We could never afford the Upper East Side in NYC and this will be the only time in my life that the only Hermes and Louis Vuitton in the entire country are on my block. Let the window shopping commence!

View from our dining room window. With a view like this i could eat for hours. :)

Recoleta, most famous for it's cemetery where Eva Peron rests, is considered one of the most affluent places in the country. When you hear Buenos Aires described as the Paris of South America, it's in part because of this neighborhood. The architecture is a stunning mix of borrowed French and Italian designs, including chateau-style manor homes in an urban setting.

We're so thrilled to have a temporary home. The past 6 months of traveling has been tougher than expected and we're both craving a schedule and structure. Not to mention all those amenities that hostels decidedly do not offer.


  1. so exciting for you guys. it does look amazing. makes a little homebody like me almost want to travel :) love you

  2. Well...We adore traveling, but we're not jetsetters like your family! And you have no idea how your & Eric's recipes make me crave a kitchen of my own with an actual oven?? Oreo stuffed cookies?? Eat my heart out!! :)


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