Where to Stay in Cartagena, Colombia

January 27, 2011

We're still traveling through Latin America in pursuit of lighting new friendships, studying Spanish, and collecting the most lovely hand made items that South America has to offer. 

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago while in Medellin, Colombia, our camera officially died, taking all our photos with it. So chau photos of dreamy Cartagena architecture. And adios Christmas festivities with the handsome paises people of the Colombian Andes. 

This whole episode put me a little funk about blogging-- since I had been so excited to share some of my own content! But time to snap out of it. So until we purchase a new camera on our trip, I'll be borrowing some clips from the web (with proper copyright info, of course).

Hoping to have a proper post up soon, as well as an actual schedule. Thanks for staying with me!

In the meantime, here's a little taste of my two of my favorite hotels in Cartagena. Both artfully combine the old and the new, colonial Spanish architecture and a splash of modern design. First up is a boutique hotel-- El Marques. Plan for this hotel to set you back about $350 a night. Obviously it's not quite in the travel budget for a lengthy stay. However, cocktails by the pool most certainly are!

One of my favorite parts of the old city was the consistent use of the original building walls. The lighting here in the evening is just gorgeous.

Secondly, check out the photos of the fantastic budget hostel we stayed at- Media Luna Art Hostel. I still can't believe this place was less than $25 a night for us. Pool, rooftop deck, great bar and coffee shop...I highly recommend this little place if you go to Cartagena. Of course, you need to be ok with lots of partying 20-somethings, too!

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