Travel Inspiration: Cartagena, Colombia

December 14, 2010

We arrived in Cartagena yesterday afternoon and despite the unceasing rain, the city is as charming as everyone said it would be. Oddly enough, Cartagena's historic section reminds me of Jaipur...just a bit cleaner. 

Gorgeous old-world architecture fit snugly within the city walls, crumbling balconies overflowing with a riot of bougainvillas, street vendors hawking both auto parts and coffee cups from their carts, sidewalk stalls peddling strange but colorful candies. I love it all! 

And if you weren't convinced yet, my dinner last night of a massive corn and cheese arepa and mango sticks covered with salt and lime juice cost only $1! Yes, I could easily spend more time here. Once we get a little sunshine I'll take some photos....but in the meantime here's some I quickly swiped from some tourism sites.

Photos from: (Cartagena)

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