Global Decor Inspiration: Decorating + Maps (Part 1)

January 4, 2010

My husband and his equally well-traveled buddy recently came across a stash of vintage National Geographic maps. You would think they discovered some serious pirate booty by the way they carried on. Somehow the old glue residue mixed with the sweet anticipation of unfolding a dusty map reverted them to hyper-excited, tween-like behavior. They even started swapping maps toward the end of the evening: “I’ll trade you my 1952 Southeast Asia for your 1969 India!”

Too cute. And now I’ve acquired a hefty collection of old maps. What’s an organized wife to do??

From: simplesong

From: Restoration Hardware

From: Martha Stewart Living

From: Martha Stewart Living

From: House Beautiful

From: Flickr: Emmakat79

From: Flickr: Christayayaya

From: Flickr: Christayayaya

From: Domino Magazine

P.S.... Map craft ideas tomorrow! I got a little carried away!

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  1. gorgeous post! lovely selection of images.I get carried away with my posts sometimes many great pics, too little space!


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