Hotel Style Inspiration: Morocco + Dar Les Cigognes

January 12, 2010

I had a couple days in Long Beach and Anaheim, California for business this past week-- aren't I a lucky New Yorker? Palm trees and tank tops are positively blissful in January. Despite my seriously delayed red-eye flight to Newark and that groggy, jet-lagged funk which has settled in my stomach, I'm already planning my next trip south. This time, Morocco? Karen Olivia of Alkemie recently posted a gorgeous story about Dar Les Cigognes, a boutique hotel in Marrakech. It's yet another renovated riad (I posted about Riad Enija Hotel earlier in 2009), complete with a heaping stash of all things Morocco. Think: Insular gardens, brass lanterns, intricate molding and lush carpets. Hope I find a cheap flight!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I would love to visit Morocco someday - great choice.

  2. I'm hoping to go this all those riads. And of course, the food, pottery, rugs, etc. etc


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