African Textures in Home & Fashion

June 28, 2009

My gorgeous Nigerian friend had a baby-naming ceremony today for her second daughter. Of course when my hubby and I arrived we were dressed for a typical afternoon barbecue while Temidayo and Ajibola (and their extended family) were garbed to the nines in amazing, traditional Nigerian clothing. The lawn was littered with bright fuchsia skirts and matching blouses for the ladies and cream and turquoise tunics on the men. Consequently I felt like David Bowie next to Iman.

Now that I'm over my embarrassment at being a complete American slob, I can now focus on the inspiring textures, layers and colors found in their clothing. For some reason I assumed most African clothing was muted shades of taupe and brown. Guess I need to do my homework.....

Couldn't resist turning this outfit into a living room vignette at Polyvore.....

photos from Time Magazine

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