New Zara Home: Traditional + Global

June 8, 2009

Last night I was lamenting over the high-priced bedding at Horchow home when lo and behold I stumbled upon the NEW collection at Zara Home.

These white, Euro shams and duvet cover (looks like a sheet, though) with orange pompoms are so pretty! I love how Zara Home styled this bed-set with the lavender coverlet.

Oddly enough, these ikat pillows are in nearly every photo but nowhere to be seen on the site.

The quilt is lovely....but I really want the damask throw. It looks like it might be the Faith Blanket. Love this color combination.

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  1. i love zara home collections! i particulary used to love their online catalogues which seem to have been discontinued...wonder if they still have online catalogues and i have missed the link??


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