Moorish Oasis + Veronica Webb

May 26, 2009

I completely forgot about Veronica Webb's gorgeous Moroccan inspired home until I picked up this week's New York Magazine. I always flip to the "Intelligencer/Party Lines" section where the rich and/or famous are quoted while lightly drinking at NYC parties. This past week, Veronica Webb was at the American Ballet Theater's 69th Annual Spring Gala at the Metropolitan Opera House and was asked if she is a good dancer. She replied, "I'm a great dancer. If I got on Dancing With the Stars, I could win." Hmmm....well, typically models on DWTS don't have the best of luck; however, Veronica's home in Key West, Florida, featured in the March 2009 issue of Architectural Digest clearly showcases her winning streak in at least the design realm.

Interior design by TW Black, Inc. and architecture by Bender & Associates.

"The home they created reflects the spirit found in the intricacies of French Orientalist painting of the later 19th century, with their diverse styles of Arab North Africa, Egypt and the Middle East--here mixed with touches of Muslim India."

The dome ceiling was produced in Morocco.

Straight out of Marrakech....but instead, Key West, Florida. Not to be snarky, but why Key West? You're the face of Revlon, Chanel and Vogue, surely you could find someplace a bit more glam? Um, British West Indies or Turks & Caico's?

Webb met her husband while on a modeling shoot in Morocco. Her husband established a foundation for preserving maritime history. Maybe that's the reason she got stuck in the Keys?

Oh my God. She looks like Cleopatra.

My question is: Would you rather build this home on a canal in Key West where property is cheap and you can afford all the bells and whistles OR own property on a secluded beach in Brazil where you can only manage a 2 bedroom, one bath with an above ground pool?

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  1. There is an amazing feature on Veronica Webb that discusses her life as a supermodel and fashion icon. Check it out- you won't be sorry!


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