Domino Magazine Tag Sale!

May 9, 2009

I haven’t been up this early on a Saturday in years! I managed to get in line for the Domino sale at 8:30AM. I was an hour and half early. Believe it or not, there were already 40 or so people in front of me. Yikes! Everyone in line (and the editorial staff, naturally) looked fabulous for what is technically a Saturday morning garage-sale. There was a guy next to me in line who looked just like Eric Maibus, actor “Daniel Meade” on Ugly Betty. Seriously, I think it was him.

As far as the goods: TONS of fabric bolts, a genuine polar bear rug for $600, a lime green fake-croc covered console for $350, a little Pottery Barn serving tray for $8. But, drum-roll please….This is my find! Don’t you love it? Thomas carried it all the way home for me. Considering it’s entirely made of plaster, I think I owe him a back rub. I’ve been looking for ways to brighten up my brown leather and muted orange & red living room. I think this table might be my creative ticket!

(Ok, technically the sale was on Saturday morning, but my internet was temporarily down this weekend. So only posting now.)

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  1. Just found out that this table retails for nearly $985 at Shine Home: Wow, thanks, Rita Koing for the sweet deal!


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