DIY: How to Frame a Large Tapestry on the Wall

January 8, 2009

Hiya again! This post was temporarily called: "Jessica gets herself some grown-up wall art." I'm so excited about this one!

Any city in India will offer tourists a vast assortment of Rajahstani/Gujarati patchwork textiles. The most beautiful are made from recycled sari fabric although hawkers will have you believing they are handmade from antique bridal gowns in remote villages rather than machine-made in the city. It’s quite a crap-shoot, but with a little time you can easily decipher quality pieces (I wish I could say the same for pashmina’s!). After years as a queen sized bed spread and hung on the wall by clips on a curtain rod, I thought it was time to graduate this tapestry to the next level in wall art.


  • Screwdriver
  • Staple Gun
  • Galvanized picture hanging wire (use appropriate thickness and length for final frame size)
  • 2- Screw eyes (choose appropriate size based on final frame size)
  • Picture hanger with nails (I used 2-20lb hangers)
  • 4- 1” wood slats cut to size (see below)
  • 4-pack of 1-1/2” corner braces with screws
  • 1-yard quilt batting
  • Tapestry (or other upholstery weight fabric will work fine)

1. Find Your Blank Space.

2. Measure Twice. Cut Once.

a. First, take the actual measurement of the tapestry

b. Second, figure out how large you want your frame, based on the actual tapestry measurement. For my particular piece, I decreased the entire tapestry perimeter measurement by 4” to ensure a proper fit around the wood slats.

c. VERY IMPORTANT: I did not use a mitre saw for this project. So remember that of your four pieces of the wood frame, the two shorter slats will actually rest inside the frame. See photo.
2. Construct The Frame.
a. Lay all four slats on floor in desired place for frame.

b. Take corner brace and use as guide to mark where you need to drill pilot holes.

c. Drill pilot holes over the pencil marks with small drill bit. I used a small 1/16 drill bit. This action helps keep wood from splitting when you screw in the braces.

d. Screw corner braces into place.

3. Get Batty.
a. Wrap quilt batting around wood slats and staple.
4. Stretch It Out.
a. Lay tapestry under the frame and decide where you want the center of tapestry to reside.

b. Begin by wrapping fabric on one side of your frame around slat (which should be covered in batting) and staple into place.

c. Go to the opposite side of where you just stapled and begin again. For this side, make sure you pull the fabric as tight as you can.

d. Complete the remaining sides.

5. Finish It Up.

a. About 1/3 of the way down the backside of the frame, mark with a pencil where you want your picture frame wire to be hung.

b. Measure and mark both sides.

c. Drill pilot holes over the pencil marks.

d. Install the screw eyes on both sides.

e. Stretch the galvanized picture hanging wire taut and loop between both screw eyes.

f. On your wall, you may want to use a few picture hangers, depending on the size of the frame.

6. Voila. Enjoy.

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