Global Style Inspiration: Antique Tapestry Travel Bags

January 3, 2009

My sister in law took the Chinatown Express from Washington, DC to visit us a few weeks ago. We did a quick tour of the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island before buying way too many cupcakes at Magnolia.

I’m so inspired by these families who gave up everything familiar to venture into a new life basically just on hearsay. No televisions, web or coffee-table books on Manhattan architecture. Just the blind resolution to create a better life. Can you imagine all the languages, colors and luggage you’d see on any given day in Ellis Island’s glory days?

Check out the amazing vintage tapestries from the Baggage Room exhibit (above).

I love the faded, warm colors and the prudent incorporation of fabric remnants to create these travel bags. Carrying family valuables, clothing, and doubling as a cushion while waiting in lines…this was the ultimate in thrift-centered ingenuity. I’d love to see this recreated as modern floor pillows. Maybe as simple as two Ikea Persisk rugs stitched together?


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