Global Decor Inspiration: Lime Green and Fuchsia Pink

June 27, 2011

It's been oh-so-quiet this past week because we finally made it back to the NYC area after a few false starts (courtesy of an active Chilean volcano and incompetent South American airlines) and I've been swamped. And perhaps guilty of developing a few lazy summer habits. But really, I've been away for 8 months so I'm due for a slow afternoon or two before I hit the grind.

And the absolute best part of being back in the States? Summer! Goodbye chilly South America!

I can't get enough of the lush, green yard and crazy-bright blue sky. And although I'll temporarily miss greeting strangers with a big "hola," I'm sure a few trips to Target and Home Goods will help me adjust.

So I'll be back to the real world in a few days. I'm due at the New Jersey DMV (oh joy) and whatever H&R Block still has the lights on. In the meantime, I noticed a trend of rich, boho green popping up in my inspo files. Perhaps an homage to summertime?


1. via Reflections of an Artoholic; 2. Unknown; 3. via An Indian Summer; 4. via Design Sponge; 5. via Tudo de Om; 6. Unknown; 7. via Sketch42; 8. Unknown; 9. via Design Manifest; 10. via Elle Decor; 11. via The Style Files


  1. I´m into that gipsy style right now, I guess it´s cause my summer mood!

  2. I the fun colors! So much nicer than all white or color coordinated decor. I'm trying to see how that bench is set up (the one with all the awesome pillows). Great stuff!

    ~ The Tuckerbag ~

  3. Gosh, my heart needed to be restarted from viewing those images! Would you be against me pinning some onto pinterest?
    Love your blog too,

  4. Agree, Ash... I totally cringe when it's all beige, greige or nude. Bring on the color!

  5. holy wow, this blog is amazing.
    great inspiration!


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