Global Decor Inspiration: Bedside Buddha + Beautiful Bedrooms

May 29, 2011

Betsy Burnham  bedroom

On my first trip to Asia I visited Wat Po, the temple housing Bangkok's giant, golden reclining Buddha statue. The site is considered so holy, so special that the management required me to buy socks for my flip-flops before I could enter the premises. Evidently my toes weren't respectful enough. Or my shoulders: They actually had thrift-store like bins in the temple foyer filled with blouses for me to cover up my (already rather modest) tank top.

But despite my rather goofy appearance (and subsequent travel photos), I wasn't deterred from being in complete awe of such a peaceful looking teacher. Every time I see the likeness of Buddha I smile. Be it the jolly, fat-bellied or zen-like androgenous version, I adore little touches of Buddha in a room. Not overboard, mind you. Just enough to keep the stress levels low. 

So on my quest for a more zen-like approach to living, I couldn't help but be inspired by these bedrooms.....

And who doesn't need a little more zen in their bedroom?

Betsy Burnham  bedroom

Ok, yes, these are not technically the Buddha, but placed alongside this pagoda lamp, they certainly evoke a peaceful, Asian charm.

Whether cool and serene or tongue-in-cheek, a little Buddha really charges up the east-meets-west decor.

color combos - orange

Not a Buddha in sight, but these silhouettes still lend an incredible touch of Asia to a bedside table.

The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger asian bedroom

I adore this modern take on the pagoda lamp and baby Buddha paired with the more traditional panels.

City Zen Space asian bedroom

I count five Buddha's in the bedroom above. A bit overload for my personal taste: Perhaps atoning for something in a past life? (Shall we assume that if Jim Morrison is hanging over the bed that this person is perhaps atoning for something in this life?) What do you think-- too many Buddhas or just right?

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  1. Me encantan todos estos dormitorios, pero especialmente me gustan el Nº 2, Nº6 y el 9. Preciosos!
    Feliz semana y besos!

  2. I love Chinoiserie inspired stuff - love all the decor you posted :)

  3. I'm drawn to these as well, and you can put Ganesha on my list!

  4. Totally, Design Junkie: If you see a non-threatening, happy-looking Ganesh, please send him my way! ;)


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