How to Seamlessly Integrate Global Decor Into Your Home

November 15, 2009

"The inspiration to bring global style into your home may be a treaured find from a trip overseas or something less tangible-- a picture in a magazine of the jewel colors of an Indian palace or a film that shows the desert at sunrise. Whatever your inspiration, the aim is not to create themed rooms or display artefacts in a way that shouts "look where I've been." Instead, it is a low-key approach, where global objects are integrated seamlessly with your existing space and possisions to create rooms that are interesting, beautiful and, above all, lived in."
From Global Style: Exotic Elements in Contemporary Interiors by Lesley Dilcock

Photo from Shoot Factory by way of AphroChic.

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  1. I've been looking through your blog and you pick such pretty pieces to showcase. I love all the India influence. Keep up the good work!


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