Book Review: Color By Kristin (or more appropriately, Forget Beige!)

October 20, 2009

The color wheel was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1669.

Forget gravity.

Talk about the science of color.

If you think you can't accomplish a global feel in your home by encompassing traditional needle crafts then start experimenting with modern Fair Isle.

Just like an embroidered sari or printed kanga, Fair Isle knitting can incorporate a bold mix of analogous, complementary and tertiary color combinations.

If you need some inspiration, check out embroidery and hand knitting author, Kristin Nicholas' newest book, Color by Kristin.

I love homes that feel layered. More texture! More colors! More contrast!

If you're like me and will probably never master the Fair Isle technique, look for ways to incorporate ready made and vintage pieces in your life. Felt a vintage wool sweater into a throw pillow or drape a bold throw alongside your ikat bedspread.

Go for the craziest combos possible.

Then edit..edit..edit...

Shot in her home and farm in rural Massachusetts, Kristin's book shares her unique approach to combining colors in design. She really dives into the concepts behind skilled colorists. So even if you don't knit (yet!), you'll find pages of inspiration.

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