Bokja Design: Haute Bohemian + Drama from Beirut

August 28, 2009

When I finally get my act together, I'm marching straight up Broadway and buying one of these...

Bokja Design is the collaboration between Hoda Baroud and Mari Hibri who use gorgeous vintage suzanis and textiles to create one of a kind furniture from their Beirut workshop. I believe their only showroom in the USA is at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC. Trust me, the trip to Manhattan is worth it just for these pieces!


  1. Absolutely love your blog! Wish there was a way to receive your updated posts via email alerts. Is that possible on blogger? That way, each time you posted something new, I'd get an update and excerpt in my Inbox.

    Thanks for these amazing photos. I'm going to try handpainting a slipcover for a dining chair to see if I can create something similar to these wonderful embroidered pieces.

  2. I think I am in love with that chair...


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