Global Decor Inspiration: Collected Treasures Meets ABC Home & Furniture

February 7, 2009

You all! Check out this 1360 sqft., 2-bdrm Brooklyn condo on Apartment Therapy. The owners define their style as “Global Modern” and clearly their collection of random, but meaningful, artifacts from around the globe mixed with new pieces from ABC Home & Furniture, DWR, Restoration Hardware and CB2 are a testimony to this style. This home exudes personality, comfort, and most importantly, balance. The dare-I-say-it harmony between the affected and unused space in this room is the key to holding the design together.

• There are clearly two opposing styles at hand (and I can relate to both!): minimalism and compulsive collecting. The room is- again- balanced by the contained museum-area and the simple, clean lines on the dining table, chairs and leather furniture. The organized displays (although a bit too cluttered for my personal taste) are perfectly off-set by the immaculate and unaffected dining room, kitchen and bedrooms. Visit Apartment Therapy for more photos.

• When we travel, we can't help but fill our pockets with knick-knacks. Then when we're home, what was once an essential part of our story can easily turn into bothersome clutter without the right planning. To avoid filling yet another box in the basement, I love how these owners built custom glass bookshelves (from Brooklyn based vintage dealers, DARR) and insisted that their collection reside there and only there.

• The display area is further defined by the red wall- which unites the area, and gives a cohesive feel to their collection of global art.

This is the design direction my husband and I are turning toward in our personal home. I started writing out the reasoning behind this design choice and realized that I could write a book. :) So sometime soon (??), I’ll go into more specifics.

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  1. I love their eclectic mix - this home has such a great feel and an individual personality. Thank you for stopping by French Essence, xv.


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